Events calendar

Last updated: 7th June 2022.

DateTrain relationServiceTicket priceOperator
10 September 2022Tarnów-TuchówSteam40NSMK
10 September 2022Tarnów - ŻabnoSteam40NSMK
11 September 2022Tarnów-TuchówSteam40NSMK
11 September 2022Tarnów - ŻabnoSteam40NSMK
01 October 2022Nowy Sącz-Muszyna-Nowy SączSteam70NSMK
01 October 2022Muszyna-Krynica-MuszynaSteam25NSMK
01 October 2022Muszyna-Żegiestów-MuszynaSteam25NSMK
02 October 2022Nowy Sącz - Biecz-Nowy SączSteam70NSMK
02 October 2022Biecz-Gorlice-BieczSteam25NSMK
11 November 2022Nowy Sącz - Krynica - Nowy SączSteam70NSMK

For trains operated by NMSK visit page or contact international customer service via mail or mobile phone: +48 516-600-333 (they speak English). Program of trips organized by NSMK contains sightseeing, musical performances and other attractions.

For trains operated by Skansen tickets are available only on board of the train. See timetable.