Steam trips in 2021

PKP CARGO invites you for trips operated with steam locomotives from the Skansen, which are very popular with tourists. For persons who remember the old steam locomotives it is a nostalgic trip into the past. Children find it an unforgettable experience.

Station ,Train I,Train II  
Rabka Zdrój,9:04," 14:04"
Rabka Zaryte,9:14," 14:14"
Mszana Dolna9:3514:35
Kasina Wielkap. 10:02p. 15:03
Kasina Wielkao. 11:33o. 16:38
Mszana Dolna," 12:05"," 17:10"
Rabka Zaryte," 12:27",17:32
Rabka Zdrój," 12:36",17:41
Chabówka-PKP," 12:40"," 17:45"